5000 Followers Pro for Instagram Hack

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-No follow limit-
-Unlimited Coins- (In a way)


-Add my Repo: cydia.myrepospace.com/IAProCydia/
-Search GetFollowersHack-


-Install and respring iDevice-
-Make a fake IG Account and login to the app with the fake account and then add your real account-
-After that, just keep following people with your fake account and your coins will increase-
-Enjoy the Hack-

Note: What this hack does it block the alert from the app that tells you that you have hit the follow limit from instagram and stops you from gaining anymore coins from following people. Which, once you actually hit the follow limit from instagram, the app stops you from following people. So, with this hack, you will no longer get this alert and you can continue following people and gaining coins, but on the actual instagram server it will show you hit the follow limit, and this hack stops the app from checking instagram if you have hit the follow limit, and when you keep following people on the app, your coins will increase even though you aren't actually following people.

Also, everyday you will have to create a new fake instagram account because the app will check all the users you have unfollowed and subtract the coins from your account, because with this hack, it shows you followed the person and then unfollowed, but easy fix if you login to another fake account and continuing following people.

Another thing, don't follow too fast or you will end up losing connection to instagram. If this happens just simply create a new fake account on instagram and continue following.

To make this hack unbelievably awesome, get AutoTouch from Cydia and look up a tutorial on how to use it and it makes it 100x better.

If you have any problems with the hack, please let me know and i will help you out. I have been using this hack for about a week now and just tested it, i would recommend not to use your real instagram account with this hack, im not responsible if your account get banned, but you have no worry as long as you only use your fake accounts to follow.

-How to install AutoTouch-

Search and install ( AutoTouch for iOS 8 ) from Cydia- BigBoss for free

Crack AutoTouch for iOS 8

- Search and install ( CrackTool ) from Cydia -
- Open ( CrackTool ) then press ( AutoTouch ) and respring your device -

-How to record your operations-

1- At any view you want to record start, hold on the volume down button(or other action you’ve set to control it with Activator) until there pops up the control panel which contains a record button and a script list;
Click on the “Record” button, it will start recording immediately with a shot vibrating;
Then do your touch or other operations;
When you want to finish recording, hold on the volume down button(or other action said before) until there pops up an alert noticing it’s stopped;
Then you can call out the control panel again by holding on the volume down button to play the script recorded just now, or go ahead to the app to manage it.It uses the create time as the script’s filename at default, you can rename it to a more human friendly one.

How to play the scripts?

1- At the view where the script will play start, hold on the volume down button(or other action said before) to call out the control panel;
Click on the script that you want to play;
Generally(unless you’ve set it to play directly in the playing settings of AutoTouch app) there will pop up a view asking for the settings of repeat times, interval(seconds) and speed.If you set the time to 0, it will loop infinitely;
After that, you click on the “Play Now” button, it will start playing immediately with a shot vibrating, and stop with an alert(can be turn off in the settings) when the playing is finished, or you can hold on the volume down button(or other action said before) to interrupt the playing;
If you click on the “Play Later” button, it will enter the “Ready to Play” mode in which you can repeatedly start or interrupt playing by clicking(not holding, can’t be changed in Activator) on the volume down button without any interruptive popup asking.Hold on the volume down button(or other action said before) again, it will quit the “Ready to Play” mode;
You can set the playing settings for the scripts in the “Playing Settings” view in AutoTouch app, with witch you can make it play directly with the default settings.

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR

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