Auto Click for Conquer Online 2

Conquer Clicky 2.0 is a new version of an auto clicker. Conquer Clicky 2.0 was programmed in Visual C# 2008 by Magic_666_. You MUST HAVE Microsoft.NET 3.5 Framework for this program to work correctly! How to use: Click the “O” button in the upper right corner for the options window. Click the “X” button in the upper right corner to close the program. Click or use the hotkey for a label (Ex. “Left” or “Right” or “F5″) to enable that specific click/press event timer. Speeds for the click/press events are located in the options. A new “macro” creator is included GO TO DOWNLOAD LINKS

GCHKA Trainer v8.1 for Grand Chase Brazil

    Atenção-1 Antes de entrar no último portal que vai para o BOSS é aconselhavel trocar o AutoKill por One Hit K-O, evitando que o jogo feche. Atenção-2 Caso o X-Trap detecte o trainer, basta tentar novamente o injector se adapta ao X-Trap. Atenção-3: O trainer ira aparecer depois de 40 segundos. Tutorial: Abra o Injector.exe (Execute como adminstrador se for Windows 7). Abra o grandchase e aperte em ENTRAR. Com o jogo ja aberto, ative os cheats dentro da fase. Conteúdo: Auto Kill : Matar todos os monstros. One hit : Matar qualquer monstro com apenas 1 ataque. GO TO DOWNLOAD LINKS

EasyAion – Free Bot for Aion

Features: Very Simple & Easy Setup Automatically Heal and resting Automatic Hunting and Looting Support for Every Class Advanced Killing of NPCs – Targets and Fights NPCs Simply find a decent grinding place and the bot will farm for you how long you want Craftbot Chatlogging and answer bot for human behavior Spambot Completely free Weekly updates Safe to use New GUI Memory reading skills  

Gamemerk’s Wall Hack for Soldier Front NA

Soldier Front Hack  Instructions: Download and extract the .zip file. Run ‘GMPublic.exe’ Run soldierfront Go to lobby or your inventory and press ‘Insert’. (This will finish loading the cheat). Enjoy a free wallhack. Changelogs: Added missing models ‘Black Devil’ and ‘RISA’ Added missing character parts and the following missing armor: StrawHat Black Armor Helmet Officer Chapeau Gray Beanie Cowboy Hat Training Jacket Black Armor Vest Reapers Bullet Bulletproof Vest Rabid Goblin Highest Grade Tattoo Special Tattoo Training Pants Black Armor Pants Black Armor Combat Boots Superbowl Helmet Santa face Improved encryption to avoid detection Soldier Front Hack    

Multiclient for Dragon Nest SEA v76

  Multiclient: You can run multiple clients at a time. You can as well run from the launcher. One at a time. Or you can do it multiple by running the first dnLauncher.exe as administrator. Instruction: Just extract the rar into your Dragon Nest Sea’s folder. Overwrite everything. Or make a backup (just incase error occurs). Make a shortcut via Right clicking on your desktop -> New -> Shortcut -> Paste this (where <Your DN Location> is the location of your Dragon Nest Sea.) : “<Your DN Location>DragonNest.exe” /ip:;; /port:14301;14301;14301 /Lver:2 /use_packing

R3d_L!n3 VIP Hack for WarRock

Works on: Windows7 <-32|64-> Works Windows Vista <-32|64-> Work Windows XP <-32|64 Not Tested If hack crashed just change name of it: RemoteVehicle = EnterVehicle and turn function on and have fun Aimbot = MakeSure to turn (Aimbot|AimbotKey|Distance) else it won’t work PlayersHacks = UnlAmmo -> Hold gun then turn it on ServerHacks = RemoveMapName | RemovePlayerCharacter = Turn on lobby VehicleHacks = VehNFD -> Can’t be Turned OFF PowerLevel (ALL OF THEM ) = Turn ther stuff on at lobby How to RunPowerLevel CQC ? 1_Turn All functions inside PowerLevel CQC Folder ‘ ON ‘ 2_Turn MapTeleport and pick GO TO DOWNLOAD LINKS

Garena Auto-Joiner v5.0.1

Garena Auto-Joiner is a support program for Garena with features like: Auto Join (Click Auto), Auto Tunnel and Auto Open . Auto Join: Garena automatically join the room without waiting 5 seconds. You can minimize Garena and do their work. Auto Tunnel: Automatic tunnel all players in the room while you are playing games or doing other work. Auto Detect: Automatic detection of Garena offset so that Auto-Joiner can patch all version of Garena. Auto Run: Automatically run other programs with Auto-Joiner. Auto Update: Auto update Auto-Joiner to the latest version. Multiple Choice: Auto-Joiner allows you to select more than one room to join. MultipleLanguages: Auto-Joiner has 19 languages ??to choose from.